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Friday, November 10, 2006

One of those days

Today was one of those days. Big time. One of those stressed, irritable, uptight and definitely not the kind of mommy I'm trying to be days.

It's funny to look back over the day to see just where we went wrong. What was the pivotal moment that sent things spinning over the edge into chaos? Was there such a moment?

In retrospect, yes, I think there was. One moment that caused a spiraling chain reaction throughout the rest of the day.

The girls and I were talking with Steve on the webcam while the baby was taking his morning nap. Steve has been gone for a long time this trip and has missed the kiddos alot (of course). So he asked me to take the camera and just show Calvin sleeping. I knew it wasn't a good plan, but Steve really wanted to get a glimpse of his sweet sleeping baby self, so I gave in. I tiptoed in, balancing the laptop and the webcam, but instead of a tender father/son moment, we got the moment that began it all. Calvin woke up.

So after a grumpy morning with him, I decided to take the kids to the aquarium. I thought that we could have an early lunch, see the aquarium, and make it back for afternoon nap time. And there was the second fatal mistake that led to 'one of those afternoons.'

Of course we ran late at every step. Of course we stayed longer at the aquarium than I meant to. And of course they all fell asleep for 10 minutes on the ride home, so that all hopes of afternoon naps was destroyed. Why is that? Why is it that a few measly minutes is all they need to reset their bodies sleep timers? Weird.

I tried all my tricks to get that baby to sleep. I even resorted to my strongest weapon available--the bosoms! Snuggled in my bed, warm blanket, soft pillow, little nursing--what exhausted baby could resist? Mine. But I sure couldn't resist! I fell asleep while he happily climbed around and whacked me with a sippy cup that he found.

I thought the evening would never end, but finally, finally they all went to bed. How grateful I am that tomorrow is a new day!!

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I feel your pain - have had a bad day here too with a grumpy baby, only the grumpy baby at my place is married to me *grin*

By Blogger theotherbear, at 1:52 AM  

Isn't it amazing how important that nap is? How it can throw off the whole family for the entire day? So sorry!

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 9:10 AM  

{{{HUGS}}} I feel your pain too. NOt the headache from the sippy cup, but the "one of those days" kind of feeling". ;) I hope that today is a better day. Do you like bubble baths? Sometimes after a long day a bubble bath does wonders for me.

By Blogger Amanda, at 2:34 PM  

You can breath in my daughter's room while she is sleeping and it will wake her. I rarely ever see her sleeping. You are really brave. When my child is even a little bit grumpy I do not leave the house. Good for you for trying! Hopefully by now you are feeling better.

By Anonymous Nina, at 5:19 PM  

oh gosh, I remember the dratted "turbo naps" in the car well!

I hope tomorrow is better.

Jenny in CA

By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:17 AM  

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