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Thursday, November 02, 2006

New records that I hope never to break

6:48 pm. All three of my children are in bed, sound asleep. Incredible!! The evening stretches in front of me with alluring possibilities. Blog--done by 8! So do I relax in a bubble bath? Cross-stitch with a movie? Actually, I'll probably clean my house, do some laundry, and plan a birthday party, but it's nice to know that my options are unlimited.

I love daylight savings--it's so easy to convince them that it's really late at night. Of course, today was a full day of activities and errands, and no one (including Calvin) took a nap. So by 6:30 they were all begging to go to bed. I know I'll be paying for it at 6:00 in the morning, but for right now, this is bliss.

So that's record number one. Record #2 is our errand day yesterday. We went to SIX different banks!!!! Why? Because I am the primary go-to for our business, and there are always various emergency/urgent needs that I have to go do. Trust that I am not involved in any money laundering or other questionable activity!! We just have a crazy lot of banking lately. Add to that daily jaunts to the airport, and you have three very stir crazy kids.

Just going to the banks is no big deal. Going to the banks with the three children under four IS the big deal. Poor Calvin--by the last one he was pretty fed up with life! I'm so looking forward to STAYING AT HOME tomorrow. Scheduling is right near close to impossible when there are so many emergency errands to run.

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6 banks. You poor thing!
I have had to do banking for our business. No less than a 40 minute trip in the bank, and that doesn't include the time we stand in line (although the business line is usually empty or only one person in front of us). But, 6? Oh my. I'd rather one bank even with a long time period! You poor thing! I can't believe the kids lasted through most of it - mine would have melted down by bank 3!

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