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Sunday, October 22, 2006

10 Random Facts Meme

Is it just me, or is Blogger being all kinds of weird? I'm having oodles of troubles posting or commenting. Hmmm. Strange.

Anyway, I was tagged by Jennifer for a 10 Random Facts Meme. Yippee!! I love being tagged! It's a little like being chosen during gym class in elementary, but without the complete shame if you're last. Just the cool feeling when you're picked.

So here goes. 10 Random thoughts about me...

1. I have double-jointed elbows. They are so double jointed that I can connect my hands behind my back, and without unclasping my hands, bring my arms over my head to the front. It's a really gross trick, but it's impressive.

2. I speak Mandarin Chinese. I lived in Taiwan for 18 months serving a mission.

3. I studied French for 6 years in school, so when I first went to learn Chinese, everything came out in a garbled mixture of FrenChinese. Very ugly. Now that I've forgotten lots of both, the language part of my brain really has to concentrate to make sure all my words (pronouns are the worst) are in the right language.

4. I really really love old movie musicals. My husband--not so much. But my girls are waaaaay into them, so we totally outnumber him on this one.

5. I graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology. Why, you may ask? Pride. Pure unadulterated pride. I didn't want to be yet another BYU girl majoring in Early Childhood Education, so I picked something that (and I'm so not exaggerating this) made me sound smart. Isn't that horrible? Now I can't remember a thing about plant DNA, but I do very much regret not getting a real education just so I could sound cool for a little while. Biggest regret is my wasted degree.

6. My husband travels 7 months of the year, and is home full time the other months. We own our own business and so we only see him sporadically for those months.

7. Steve and I met while in the same ward at BYU. Cheesy, predictable, overdone, yes. But the marriage SOO makes up for the how we met story!

8. I've had a birth center birth, one at home in a water tub, and a hospital birth. Now if I can just have the next one in an elevator or something, I'll have run the gamut!

9. Anne of Green Gables. Love 'em all. Or more accurately, any L.M. Montgomery. I can quote whole passages from all of the books, and Rilla is my favorite of all of them.

10. When I was little, my mom would punish me by making me put down my book and go play with a friend. I would cry and cry and promise to be good, if I could only keep reading and not have to go play!

Now I tag theotherbear, Dy, and Jennifer.

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Oh, Becca, I'm literally LOL, here. What great tidbits to share! I fear I have nothing quite so delightful to share (somehow, my MontyPython-esque ability to cross one eye and look around with the other one, which, by the way, took me a full year and a half to master, pales in comparison to your elbows), but I'll try. In the meantime, thanks for the smile.


By Blogger Dy, at 10:19 PM  

I love the bit about "FrenChinese"! I'm learning Mandarin with my girls, and when I'm stuck trying to remember a word, my brain automatically plugs in the Italian word instead! Enjoying your blog (I think I found it through Owlhaven)!
Becky :)

By Blogger Chinamama4, at 5:06 AM  

Hmm, I'll give some thought as to what I can do other than (keeping to the monty python theme) recite the entire monty python sketch about spending 4 hours to bury the cat.
I'll also need to have my arms set in plaster after trying hard to do your double jointed elbow trick. It appears mine are not at all double jointed.

By Blogger theotherbear, at 5:50 AM  

I dont know one blessed language other than English. I know spanish a little tiny bit but thats it.

Hey I too love the LM Montgomery books. I use to handcopy the tall tales out of Story Girl! All my books have passages underlined that I did way back as a teen ager.

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 8:07 AM  

oh wow, I'm tagged! Makes me feel giddy..I've been picked!!

I love your "frenchinese" word, I took french in highschool-because it was so much more exotic than I regret it, have never needed french around here...I am half hispanic, so my french all came out with a mexican accent..I confuse the two alot when I want to use one language or another (I can't speak either, just know a few words..)
I love your degree..I don't have one at all, I am suffering degree envy right now. You know, youth is wasted on the young, there is so much more I would have done with my college years.
I love Anne, Rilla is my favorite too, have you read "The blue castle", also a favorite.
thanks for the tag, I will try to get it out tonight..I'm supposed to be homeschooling right now..

By Blogger Jennifer, at 11:39 AM  

So which birth was your "favorite"???

No elevators hon. No way.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:27 PM  

Birth center birth. No question. Best midwives in the world, complete peace. The home birth had a really bad midwife and ended with an emergency transfer to the hospital with the baby. And the hospital...let's just say I won't be doing that again!

By Blogger Becca, at 2:30 PM  

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