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Friday, October 06, 2006

4 word meme

I was tagged for my very first meme by Jenny at Home is where you start from . I have four words that I look at and write what they mean to me--word association style. And so:

cozy--Snuggled in the couch with my two girls, reading Children of the Woods while the rain drizzles outside.

field--There was a field of rice outside my window when I lived in Taiwan. It would undulate and sway like a living thing in the wind, and it was the most vibrant shade of green I have ever seen.

dream--My younger brother was taught the song 'Dream, dream, dream' from his hippie teacher in the second grade. He would sing it by the hour in his sweet little boy voice.

illuminate--The look in my kids' eyes when they 'get' a new concept.

I'm tagging Jenn at As cozy as spring, and Andrea at Mrs. Face.

Your four words are ramble, forgotten, luminous and butterscotch.

If anyone else wants to jump in, please feel free!

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Yay! I love being picked. Hopefully, I will complete this on my site later today if the kids will leave me alone for JUST FIVE MINUTES!!!!

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 9:35 AM  

Becca, what good descriptions you gave, gosh I can see the rice fields moving in the wind from your description...and your brother singing dream, I'll always hear a sweet little boys voice now when I hear that. I had a teacher in 5th grade that spent lots of time hauling us out to the multi-purpose room to teach us all "dust in the wind" I do not know what he was thinking...a more depressing song I cannot think of!
I liked your definitions, and the one for cozy, that is about how I would have defined it.
have a great week,
Jenny in Ca

By Blogger Jennifer, at 8:39 PM  

I love your blog posts. I am a mom of 21/2 years old. If possible tag me

By Blogger LAKS, at 7:06 AM  

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