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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Steve left today for a looooong trip. He'll be gone for 2 whole very long weeks. Then I think about the husbands who are deployed, or Ma Ingalls who cheerfully sent Pa off to roam around the wilderness for weeks at a time, and I feel all kinds of selfish. But oh, it gets old! It's the nonstop neediness--so many little people with so many needs that only I can meet. But truthfully, I have much the easier job. Steve about kills himself with work when he's on the road. So no more complaining!

Today was the church primary program. It always lasts about 20 minutes longer than the meeting should last, but it was so cute. This was Hazel's first speaking part. She was to recite Matthew 1:21 "And Mary shall bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins." We've been practicing it in scripture time for weeks, and she had that thing down so perfectly. But the primary president was kneeling next to the microphone prompting all the kids, so Hazel just waited for the part to be whispered to her. I was a little sad that she didn't get to rattle it off like we'd practiced.

OK, revelation that just barely occured while typing that. She was thrilled with her performance! She felt great about how she did. The only reason I cared is because I wanted other people to see how smart and cute my kid is, and to think that I'm a good mom because I help her memorize. Oh. My. Pridefulness!!!! She did do a great job, so what can I say but I'm ashamed of myself.

Went to McDonald's a while ago, and they had these horrible Pirates of the Carribean happy meal toys. Who takes their 3 year olds to a PG13 rated movie???? So why promote the movie to tiny people?? Doesn't make sense to me. ANYway, we had this repulsive skull toy. Happy Meal toys usually don't even leave the place with us--I trash them on the way out. But somehow this one was rattling around in the van, and the kids were playing with it. Overheard:
"I'm a mean pirate. I'm a bad guy. I hate Jesus."

At this, I whirled around and they could tell by my reaction that that was very not ok to say. So they quickly amended their play.

"I'm a good guy skull, and I love Jesus, I love Jesus."

Seems they know the difference between a good guy's and a bad guy's heart is their relationship with the Savior. So that's a relief, at least!

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