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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are you one, too?

Don't you just love the different personalities that you encounter? It truly takes all types, and for that I rejoice. There are just some types that provide much more fodder for blogging than others, if you know what I mean.

We went to playgroup today and had a lovely time feeding ducks, riding bikes, and eating picnic lunches. But the part that really made the day stand out was the question posed to me by another mother, who I had just met. She's definitely one of those types that liven up the world. A little quirky and eccentric, but then again, arent we all?

Out of the blue, she leaned close to me, eyes fixated on my face, and whispered, "I'm a radical. Are you a radical, too?"

I must say, that this was the first time I've been asked that!

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I wouldn't have thought of asking someone that out of the blue! But now that I think of it...yes, I am a radical. Um...a homeschooling, often long-skirt wearing, conservative...radical..hey, I nurse in public (well, used is 4 now-don't tell the in-laws I did that!) and I homeschool tho hubby works for the school district, I drive an astro van not an 'in' suv...I don't watch t.v., when I did..Ab Fab and Malcolm in the middle were my favorite shows...I have chickens in my backyard (in So. Ca), I go to belly dancing classes, I drink diet coke for breakfast. So, yes..I think I am a radical.
blessings to you today,
Jenny in Ca (homeiswhereyoustartfrom)

By Blogger Jennifer, at 8:13 AM  

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