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Friday, September 08, 2006

Honk shooing

Chloe came bouncing out of her room just 10 minutes after I put her down for her nap. I sternly told her to get back and go to sleep.

"But I'm done! I already honk shooed."
"You did what?"
"I closed my eyes and went honk shoo, and dat's sleepin so I'm done!"

Light bulb went on when I realized that if you make a fake snoring sound, it does sound a lot like 'honk shoo'. Kids are so random!

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By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 8:05 PM  

Well, my hubby is honk shooing next to me right now and I can tell you that Birdy's description is spot on!

By Blogger mrsface, at 12:06 PM  

That is so funny! That is exactly what one of our sons called it when he faked sleep when he was younger. Kids are amazing. He would also say someone was "snonkered" when they were asleep. Just came over from my sis's blog. I'm a homeschool mom with 9 kids ages 4-19.

By Blogger thevbunch, at 7:53 PM  

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