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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blindsided by a ferocious bug

So yesterday I woke up to one of those incredibly nasty illnesses. The kind where you truly feel that if the earth could swallow you up, you'd sink into blissful oblivion, so please, just kill me now. I literally couldn't get out of bed. When does that ever happen? FORTUNATELY, Steve hasn't started traveling yet, so he was able to take the kids for part of the day. I haven't been that sick in ages.

I'm feeling a bit better, but still have a vicious sore throat, so I'll go in to get it cultured this morning for strep.

Yesterday, in the middle of my sickness-induced fog, my little three year old Birdy asked me with such exasperation, "why are you not getting me my we-fweshing cool rag for my owie foot?"

When they use words like 'refreshing' with all seriousness, it's all I can do not to bust up laughing right there!

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