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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ok, this could get addictive! And it's not like I don't spend waaaay to much time on the blasted internet as it is. I mean, with a laptop and wireless internet, the world is all mine. So much to the detriment of my kitchen floor and laundry, the laptop comes where I do. Check email, check the ebay auctions--all with just a few keystrokes! Why bother with the minutiae of sweeping?

So a quick intro is necessary. I have a life of suburban bliss, complete with vegetable garden and largish patch of grass. Three adorable, perfect, yadda yadda kids who I adore. One fabulous husband who is enormously patient with me. One wild home-based business that keeps said fabulous husband traveling many months of the year. But we can adjust to anything, so we live for the summers and winter break, and deal with the rest.

My family calls me a hippy, but I'm not really. Just trying to be more...concious...of the choices we make. So I homeschool, cloth diaper, homebirth, try to limit the junk that I feed my family (but that one is not my strongest point!), and we're working on biodiesel.

It feels so weird to try to capture a whole life in a few sentences. Inevitably, it feels flat and prosaic. I will diligently try to capture the moments of wonder, of delight, of pure joy that are my life. Those illuminating moments that pierce through the daily round of laundry and meals. I'm trying to choose to let those moments in far more often, rather than watch them pass away while I'm surfing the internet.

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This is a great start. I'm so glad to see someone start out planning to write about the joys of life. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my Tree Grows in Brooklyn post tonight.

By Blogger The Daring One, at 11:03 PM  

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