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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This being a mother thing--it alternately tears your heart out and fills it with unspeakable joy. Isn't it amazing that these tiny little humans have such enormous power over our hearts?

Hazel is almost 5, and Chloe just 3. They are inseparable and do most everything together. But every so often come activities for Hazel and not Chloe. H is going to a little Curious George play with her best friend and Chloe can't go, and then tonight, Hazel was invited to a birthday party-alone. To watch Chloe's little pixie face was so heartbreaking. She went from sky-high joy at the thought of a party, to complete grief when she realized she wasn't invited.

All I could do was hold her as she cried. Her little body just shook as she kept repeating, 'not me?' She is something of a drama queen, but her pain was very real. I ached for her. I know they need their own friends, but it is so hard to watch your kids in pain. She picked up the invitation and scanned it. 'There's a C, Mama. I think that is a C for Chloe to come!'

Hazel (with just a leeetle bit of coaching) went to her sad little sister, and offered to bring home the treat bag just for Chloe. Well, the sun returned to her world! Her face lit up, she beamed, jumped up and down, and said:
C: "You're my best friend, I love you Hazel!"
H: "I love you so much sister!"

It sounds saccharine sweet, but to watch these two precious girls, saying these words, with their arms around each other and tear-stained faces pressed close--well it was almost more than I could handle! I am so blessed, and these are the moments that make mothering these tiny kids such a joy.

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Ah that is so precious!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 7:38 AM  

I know that feeling too :) My heart about bursts sometimes...

Your family is precious.

By Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney, at 8:49 AM  

Just browsing some archives tonight, and came across this post. Your girls sound soooo much like my Hannah (7) and Rachel (4). They are incredibly close. Lately, Hannah has been doing an occasional "big girl" thing with a friend, and Rachel is crushed - deep, wracking sobs, and she can't be comforted. But an "I love you" from Hannah helps so much! As an only child, I treasure their relationship...

By Blogger Chinamama4, at 10:28 PM  

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