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Monday, September 18, 2006

A September wedding

So as I was outside doing some desperately needed weeding, the kids were all frolicing around me. Calvin was happily eating dirt, and Chloe and Hazel were playing with the little boy next door. I noticed that all the daisies had been stripped from several of my plants. Well, that made me sit up and take notice!

Then I heard Chloe singing "Oh they say when you marry in June." We've been on a rather long classic musical kick around here, and Seven Brides is a big favorite. So Chloe was dancing around, her arms full of flowers, and she was 'marrying' the little boy next door. She would give him a flower, he would kiss her hand, then they would hold hands and walk around in a circle. This was 'dancing'. This process was repeated over and over and over. Only variation was that they took turns kissing each others hands.

It was cracking me up! Especially with the Seven Brides as the background wedding music.

Steve left again this morning. He'll be in and out for the next many months, but mostly out. I'm just grateful to see him when I can. It's funny, but our marriage becomes so cherished during the traveling months. I think we just realize that we're incomplete alone. So my blog for the next several months will most likely be filled with sighs and 'I miss hims' and other such drivel. Sorry!!

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