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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Late summer joys

Steve is officially traveling again, so we won't be seeing him much until December. For a last big family hurrah, we went to the State Fair, aka a place to eat fried foods and look at farm animals. It was fun--I always love the fair, and Steve tolerates it for the kids. The bunnies were a huge hit with all of the kids, as were the piglets and especially a pooping cow. Ahh, to be four and highly amused by potty humor!

And the ferris wheel? There is something so magical about it. Honestly, I've never been that impressed with the ferris wheel. You go up, you come down. It's not scary, doesn't make your stomach drop to your ankles--what's the point? Well the point is to go on it with your entire little family, and watch the way your kids' eyes go wide when the see the city spread out beneath them. Truly magical.

I got a couple boxes of peaches and so I started to can them today. I always remember that it's a lot of work to can, but it's kind of like childbirth. I just don't remember how much work it is! And I've never tried it with three tiny kids. Hats off to Ma Ingalls--she puts the rest of us to shame!

Hazel helped me for a while with the peaches. It's funny, but I have so many memories of helping my mom can. I felt so important handing her things, or wiping the jar rims--all the same tasks she helped me with. I wonder if these are some of the things she'll remember when she's grown?

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