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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pumpkin pictures

What would a self-respecting mommy blog be without the obligatory pumpkin photos? And so, obligingly, I'll provide them. But I'll have to accompany them with a confession. This is Hazel's very first Jack-o-lantern. Yes, I know she's almost 5. But every other year she's been blissfully happy with a plain uncarved pumpkin, so why bother with the slime? For the same reason, she's only recently had an Easter basket and Christmas stockings. I know, I know. So my lazy parenting days are ending and I have to go along with all the trappings that are (surprise!) really delightfully fun. Once you get past the pumpkin slime.

So here they are. Pumpkin carving, 2006.

The seasons are rushing by so quickly. No sooner have we finished pumpkin carving, when it decides to snow! This is Calvin, discovering snow for the first time.

The girls and I read the sweetest story!! I don't know why I've never discovered Cynthia Rylant until now, but I'm so glad I finally found her! We just finished

and it was so absolutely lovely. Gently, peaceful, captivating, and so so sweet. My girls were enthralled, and I've read it several times just for myself. There is something so simple and charming about this book. Very spare prose, but every word counts, and the love radiates from every page. Must buy this one!

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Becca-Oh you are going to love everything by Cynthia Rylant. I recommend the "Cobble Street Cousins" The first book in the six book series is In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen. They are simply charming. My daughter is so happy with the plain uncarved pumpkin as well. Fine with me-I am afraid of the knives used to carve pumpkins! Doesn't sound like lazy parenting to me.

Your children are beautiful. Although we are all doubtful about including images of our childen, I think it makes a blog so much more beautiful.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:27 AM  

Becca-just published the above comment without a signature!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 AM  

Oh yeah I hear ya. I havent let my kids carve pumpkins in years either. I didnt even take them to the pumpkin patch this year!

Oh boy now Im going to make a confession. Ive never heard of those books but you can bet Im going to look into them now!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 8:06 AM  

Gorgeous photos! Cynthia Rylant is wonderful

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 8:45 AM  

Thanks Nina, Mrs. D, and Jennifer!!

By Blogger Becca, at 8:30 PM  

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