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Friday, August 08, 2008

Montreal quick recap

We got back from Montreal and Quebec City the other day. Oh, it was wonderful. So so beautiful and altogether perfect. It was hard to believe we were in North America--I've never seen such a European city outside of Europe.

Steve and I don't plan our itineraries around museums, adventurous activities, or popular sights. We plan it around the food. Montreal didn't disappoint even a little bit. Steve has a friend who sent him pages of restaurant recommendations, and I was armed with my guidebooks. We had some amazing stuff, folks. My favorite? Had to be the maple syrup pie with cream we ate a restaurant in Quebec city.

Quebec City is celebrating their 400 year anniversary this year. That's a whole lot of years for this side of the globe. The maple pie place--oh, it was built in 1624. Incredible.

I did something horrible to my camera--I'm not sure exactly what I did, but it deleted tons of my photos, so I only have a few from the trip. But here are a couple of them.

Governor's Mansion, then some random pretty street corner

Samuel was an absolute dream baby. So peaceful, content, and all around perfect. I love teeny babies. They're so portable!

A friend asked us to bring him home ketchup chips. Eeew. So we carried 6 bags of Ketchup flavored Lays onto the plane. Nasty!

I missed those kids of mine like crazy. It's so nice to get away, and it makes coming home to my sweet little people even better.


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