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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ice cream for days

Such a backlog of posts in my brain!!! Amazing pictures waiting to be posted, amusing anecdotes, scintillating discussions of events. But I can't play catch up right now--far too late. Instead, I'll blog about the incredibly fabulous birthday party we had for my Steve last night.

We do a lot of themed parties--fancy/funky drinks, different chips and salsas, stuff like that. So for Steve's birthday this year, he requested an ice cream tasting party.

I made 4 different flavors of ice cream, then cheated by buying the 5th. On the menu were Buttermilk Cherry, Avocado, Blood Orange Sorbet (the one I bought), Lavender Honey, and Double Dark Chocolate.

Holy cow. Those were some killer ice creams. I served them in tiny little cups and we had them in 5 separate courses. The buttermilk was awesome, and the avocado was unusual, fun to try, but overall a little odd. The blood orange sorbet was so fresh and bright tasting. I was very surprised that the Lavender Honey turned out as delicious as it was. I expected it to be more of a novelty flavor like the avocado, but it was really fabulous. And of course chocolate is always a hit.

Fun party, great food, and the best husband ever. What a great life!!

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Dude. I cannot BELIEVE that you are making four flavors of homemade ice cream, and throwing theme parties, with four young children around, including a newborn. I'm barely getting it together to do pizza at the pool for my son's b-day! I'm not saying "How do you do it?" but I'm thinking it. :-)

By Blogger Hannah, at 11:30 AM  

They were some DANG good flavors - My favorite was a toss-up between Lavendar Honey and Buttermilk Cherry. Thanks for sharing, Becca!And, I also can't believe how much you manage to pull off with 3 kids and a newborn...and lots of house guests!

By Blogger Emily, at 10:27 PM  

Happy Birthday, Steve!!

But you are breaking some serious cardinal rules, here, by posting about homemade goodies and not including the recipes... *hint, hint*


By Blogger Dy, at 8:00 PM  

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