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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A belated birthday post

I would be a very very bad sister if I wait any longer to post about Chloe's birthday party. Andrea is kind of the most talented party planner/crafter/all-around amazing sister.

She helped me with Chloe's 5th birthday party and it was so completely fun. We read about petite fours in a book we were reading called The Saturdays, and she latched on to the idea of having those for her party. So around that idea, we built the theme of a paperdoll party. The invitations Andrea made were paperdolls with real fabric dresses, there's a paperdoll banner in one of the photos, we made dolls as party favors with a wardrobe of 5 dresses for each girl, and of course, there's the petite fours.

We played classic party games like the clothespin drop and bingo, but my favorite game was pin-the-part-on-the-paperdoll, who ended up looking like a bad Picasso.

In the first photo, there's a big old doll holding a basket. Years and years (we're talking 20+) ago, my mom had a shop where 6 of these were in the front window. They've followed her from house to house, and finally a few months ago she gave some to me and my sister-in-law. I groaned at these ginormous dust-catching random things, but they did come in handy for the party! The girls have the doll that resembles them the most--my niece called hers the "giant Jane".

My Chloe is the sweetest, most winsome little creature you can imagine. She is soft and snuggly, and spends most of her time in a dream world. She loves to read and write and is a delight to be around. Mostly. She's the kind of kid that people just fall in love with. I can't believe she's five already!

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What an absolutely PERFECT birthday party for such a precious little girl! (Although five is quite big, you know. She's really growing up quickly.)

The petit fours look scrumptious. What kind of icing did you make? And for the cake, itself - same stuff?


And HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY! May this year be magical, whimsical, and beautiful.


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