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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Day

So Calvin had a day yesterday. Maybe that should be capitalized. He had a DAY. He was tired and cranky, but I HAD to get to the chiropractor, so into the car we went. I'd just fed them pizza and slushies (please don't judge me!) but even sugar water couldn't soothe his savage beast. It was one of those wrestle the screaming flailing child into the carseat moments, but I can totally deal with that. Continual screaming? Doesn't faze me. Crying so hard he vomits everywhere--ok, now he has my attention.

Not a wet wipe in sight in the whole car. Napkins, nope. Bottled water? None of that either. Fortunately, being the stellar prepared mother that I am I DID have spare diapers, so I mopped up the mess with those and some stray socks that were floating around the van. And all the time I'm trying just to like this little offspring of mine. Not succeeding too well. But he eventually got a 15 minute nap in the car, and all was beautiful again.

We get home, and he decides that the worst thing in the world is for me to get him OUT of that carseat. Another major tantrum ensues, I unbuckle the kid, drag him in the house, lock the van and the house and think I've outsmarted him. Well, after going to the bathroom, he's disappeared. The little stinker got into my purse, found my keys, unlocked the van and buckled himself back into his carseat. He's 2. Good grief!! Fortunately, I'd just gone to the library, so I had some brain candy book and I sat in there with him in the driveway while he sniffled and moped and fell asleep again.

But holy cow!! So much willpower and determination and butting heads over stooopid stuff. He's normally such a delightful child, but wow, when he has a DAY he does it up right!


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That is unbelievable! He msut have really wanted that nap in the car. Oh the joys of a two year old! LOL

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 10:12 AM  

Ah, yes, the lovely face of TWO! I have to hand it to you, though; I've weather some major tantrums in my parenting career but none involving vomit. Wow! Sew yourself on a badge for that one. :-)

By Blogger Hannah, at 1:17 PM  

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