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Friday, March 14, 2008

Why, Congress...WHY??

Things the little cherubs fought over during dinner last night:

Who had to pick up Calvin's fork that fell during dinner.
Who GOT to pick up said fork.
Who got to hand it to him.
Calvin fought over who would be privileged to hand him the utensil.
Whose bow tie pasta looked more like a butterfly. Whose looked more like a bow tie.
Who had more yucky yucky onions in their sauce.
Etc, etc, etc.

Daylight Savings Time, I blame the week that we've been having on YOU!!! Losing an hour's sleep then making the blasted sun go down so much later so my kids in their west facing windows have no chance of sleep before 8:30 instead of the previously blissful 7:15. Your fault, DST. And I'm not going to forget about it anytime soon.


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My kids have been having a hard time this week too. And that fight about the fork sounds all too familiar.

It is really hard to get kids to bed when the sun is still up. Mine have been going down later and later. I love the winter because of the darkness early. Oh well... only about 6 months of this and then we will be in sleep bliss again.

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