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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back to normal

Miraculously, this boy of mine is perfect. He woke up yesterday (after sleeping all night through, I might add) without any temperature and all smiles. He ate, ran around, jumped, danced, got into mischief, and was generally a normal baby. Incredible how resilient these little people can be!

We didn't get all the learning time in yesterday I would have liked--every other Tuesday we have a whole afternoon of outside activities. But we got in some good violin practice, both the girls read to me, and during our (3 minute) math time, Hazel had a major lightbulb moment.

She randomly asked me 9+9. I asked her what 10+10 is, and she quickly answered 20. Then she started thinking and announced the answer to be 19, and insisted I was wrong when I said it's actually 18. We grabbed the Math U See blocks and I used those to illustrated the difference between 9+9 and 10+10. The joy in her face was radiant when she 'got it.' I LOVE those moments of elucidation. Big reason I'm a homeschool mom.

My housecleaner took advantage of us being gone for the afternoon and did the carpets. So I have a sparkling clean house, well-rested, HEALTHY for the first time in weeks kids, and life is very very good.

Thanks to everyone for your concern for my sweet baby. Very traumatic for the day, but now you'd never know there'd been a problem!


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You little guy is very resilient! I am always amazed at how quickly they bounce back and move on.

My girl has had a few of those light bulb moments recently with Math too. She used to fight me so much when it came time to do math. Now I can tell she is getting it and even actually reminds me that we need to do our math.

By Blogger Sea Star, at 7:22 AM  

Glad hes better. Hey my housekeeper did carperts today too! It's lovely!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 7:23 PM  

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