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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Something clicked today. Big time. Hazel read me 100!!! pages of this Dick and Jane book! On her own, bringing it to me at different times throughout the day. She set a goal of getting to page 100, and she did it. I am so completely proud of her.

Reading has been such a struggle, but she has pushed through whatever wall was holding her back, and she's full of joy today. Sure, most of the pages are of the 'look, look, see, see' variety, but she read them! And by page 100, the pages were much more complex: "Baby Sally said, "Oh, Mother. Sally is big. Sally wants to work. Sally wants to help." Mother said, "Run, Sally. Run to the car. Run to the car and help me. Big big Sally can help me."

I know it's not phonics, and it's a lot of word recognition, but I couldn't be more thrilled. She's actually reading. She can sound out the phonetic words, and she figured out words like 'little', 'down', and 'find' on her own. So dang exciting I can't stand it!!


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Congratulations! Another reader in the house. I am always amazed when I watch my kids make connections. One day things do just click and they never look back.

Good for you for sitting through 100 pages of "Look, Look, see Jane". I remember doing that with my girl a few years ago with that very book and I can't say it is really stimulating.

By Blogger Sea Star, at 6:25 AM  

Congratulations Becca! How exciting.

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 6:09 PM  

I picked up a first grade Dick and Jane book the other day and was amazed that Peter could read the first story! How thrilling that Hazel read a hundred pages!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 9:27 AM  

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