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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year

Finally, finally, things feel back to normal. Clean, clean house, with NO red or green anywhere. I used to think my mother was the biggest kill-joy for being so gleeful at getting Christmas put away. It was always so sad to me to see the fun things put away. But now??? I just want everything clutter free, and it feels so good!! I don't have any of the candlesticks or vases or anything put back yet, so it is absolutely minimalist, and I'm loving it!

We had a wonderfully relaxing fun week, then all day yesterday was spent recovering from the New Year's Eve craziness. We always have a big couples party--we stick the kids in the basement with a couple intrepid 12 year olds. This year, Calvin and his same-age cousin Janey outdid even themselves by staying up past 2 am. Yes, 2 am. Every time we thought they were finally asleep, they'd pop up somewhere, bouncing on couches or chasing each other merrily. He slept until 11 the next morning, napped a while, then went to bed early. Today he is back to his normal crazy self.

I got a couple of really fun things for Christmas. One favorite was the present from the every amazing Andrea. You know that amazing play felt food on Etsy all over the place? Well, I've been drooling over it, but never ordered any for my kids. Andrea didn't just give a sister a fish, no, she's teaching this sister to fish for a lifetime. Or, as the case may be, make play food for days.

The binder is filled with printed ebooks with detailed instructions on everything you can imagine. There are tabs separating it into sushi, tarts, pie, cake, cookies, and cupcakes. Incredible.

Gorgeous wool felt in every color imaginable.


Is this not one of the most fun, most thoughtful gifts ever?? I'm so excited to start playing with everything, and I'll definitely post pictures as my creations emerge.

For the next incredibly fun present, please use your best Bob Barker/Price is Right announcer voice....

"It's a neeeeewww caaaar!!!"

Or, to be precise, a semi-new minivan!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!

One with sliding doors on both sides. This is big, people. Very big. The old van still runs beautifully, but we use it so much for the business and I then I jam my 3 in the little Nissan Sentra. Can't put 4 in a Sentra, though, so we really needed this. I just wasn't expecting it until closer to baby day.

Sweet darling Steve was going to do the whole bow in the driveway thing, but got a little nervous at such a major big huge purchase with no spousal input. Who needs the surprise--I'm just thrilled to death! It's a 2003--the newest we've owned yet. And only 49,000 miles, so it should last for many many years.

The blessings pour in. I don't have room to hold them all. 2007 was such a great year, and here's hoping 2008 is even better!

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4 comment(s):

Wow that truly sounds like a great Christmas.

I dont need the car but Im green with envy over all that felt and stuff! Oh my!!! What a dream!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 9:50 PM  

Woohoo! I love the new van with the fancy rims- can I come take a ride?

And Wow! What an absolutely amazing present from your most amazing sister! She must be super cool. You are lucky to be related to her... /cheekiness

By Blogger Andrea, at 10:55 AM  

I can't wait to see the food! That sounds like a fun project. We went van shopping a month ago to upgrade and just could not do it. Even though ours rattles so bad that I can't hear the children in the back seat, maybe that's a good thing! Even if we drive it until it falls apart at least we have the double sliding doors. They're fabulous!

By Blogger The Lazy Organizer, at 4:03 AM  

What a great gift for the kid's- my daughter would absolutely love that! And I love the using the imagination part, it's becoming a lost art. Congrats on the new van, sliding doors on BOTH sides? I'm adding that to my Christmas list next year!

By Blogger mykidsmom, at 12:22 PM  

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