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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas snippets

How many minutes do we have left??? Not nearly enough, that's for sure. So many things left to do! I was going to do all the wrapping tonight, so I got all the gifts in one place, got a Christmas Story ready to watch, assembled my tape and scissors, then hunted all over the house for the Costco size roll of wrapping paper I was so prepared to buy nice and early. Yeah. Still haven't found it. Am giving up and I'll wrap the dang things LATER! Not that there are that many more laters to be had.

We read the Christmas story and Twas the Night Before Christmas next to the fire while sipping hot cocoa. One of those picture perfect mothering moments that don't happen very often. Nice.

Since my kids can't read yet, (there's a positive to this, after all!) I can share what I'm giving them, just for fun. Hazel is getting a violin. She's been begging to play for months, and I think it's the right time. We actually found one on line, and it's just beautiful. Can't wait for the pictures when she opens it!

Chloe's getting a gorgeous doll buggy and a cradle, and Calvin is getting lots and lots of bouncy balls and trucks. Two year old boys are pretty easy that way. Oh, he is getting a creative present! He loves letters with a passion, so I'm getting him a full set of those wooden letters that people paint and hang on their kids' walls. Whenever we're at the craft store I can't tear him away from them. I had the bright idea to get a little box to put them in, then modge podge it with cute paper so it would look nice. Weeeelll, what I wasn't factoring into this happy little equation is my complete lack of craftiness. So, Andrea sister, I so should have taken you up on your offer to help!! The thing looks positively depressing. Oh well! He's not a very discerning toddler, so all should be well.

And for the whole family comes the best present of all. Since I'm 19 weeks pregnant right now, it's the perfect time for the ultrasound. Well, I'm going to take in two outfits, one pink, one blue, and not look at all at the screen. I'll have the technician put the correct outfit in a box that we'll open Christmas morning!! It's not often the mom is downright giddy with anticipation over opening presents, but I will be this year!! Hopefully everything will go according to plan.


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That is the best idea ever! I love it! Is she going to keep the other outfit there, so you won't know by process of elimination?
And yeah, yeah, it will be busy Christmas morning, but you better post that day.

By Blogger Jennifer, at 6:36 AM  

I'll just leave the other outfit in the bag and not peak. I'm not worried about my own willpower--I'm all about the surprise!

By Blogger Becca, at 7:09 AM  

What a GREAT idea, Becca, although I could hardly stand the suspense while wrapping the box ... but let us know what you unwrap!

By Blogger Hannah, at 10:43 AM  

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