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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back home

And we're back from our flyingly fast trip to So. California. Somehow, through some marvelous combination of Steve's brilliant ability to work the system and really good timing, in the month of December we fly SIX people for the price of TWO!! Incredible, yes, I know. So we planned a spur of the moment trip to go to Disneyland with the kids and my little brother Thomas.

So much fun!! Disneyland at Christmas really defies description. Main Street with wreaths and garlands everywhere you look, a massive gorgeous Christmas tree, snow and icicles all over Cinderella's castle--it was pure magic.

Small world was my very favorite. I didn't know this, but the whole ride is redone for Christmas. They sing Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and Small World, there are Christmas decorations all through the ride, and it was so completely darling.

The whole day was just perfect, start to finish. By far my favorite day at Disneyland ever. So much fun!!!

The next day we headed to Legoland. Thomas is a self-confirmed Lego fanatic, and this was a high point for him. I took Chloe and Calvin and we did sweet little kid rides, and Steve took Hazel and Thomas and they worked the roller coasters. Calvin is still talking about the 'twain wide' and 'dwive a caw'. So fun.

In an eerily similar repeat of the last time we did Disney and Lego back to back, Calvin hit the wall big time. Time to go home!!

If you were to look very very closely at the picture of the three kids with Lego Santa, you'll see a small blue bouncy ball clutched in Calvin's hand. A flight attendant on the way there gave it to him, and it was his favorite thing ever. Normally you'll find him walking around with a ball or two, and he always takes them to bed with him, but this one was something special. For the entire day at Disneyland, that blue ball was clutched in his fist. On every ride, through the parade, walking around, he NEVER let go. I was sure that it would be lost within minutes, but he made it through the whole day with that silly bouncy ball.

It made it to Legoland and through the first half of the day, but they had a huge playground there, and I think that it was somewhere there that he finally relinquished his grip on the ball. I was hoping he could make it through two theme parks without losing it, but that was too much, even for Calvin.

Anyway, such a fun trip, but so nice to be home again. Now we can settle back in to the preparations for Christmas and cozy fun at home.

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Would you please treat us to a pic of Steve and you? Yes, you and Steve! I have been waiting!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:36 PM  

I so understand the hitting the wall at Disney thing! Been there for sure... it is magical though for Christmas, isn't it?

By Blogger Michelle Waters, at 8:00 PM  

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