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Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow day

It snowed the other day, and it's gorgeous. The kids could hardly contain themselves through scriptures, chores and school in the morning--all they wanted was to be out in it. Right across the street from our house is a neighborhood park with a great big sloping hill, the perfect sledding venue. So we bundled them up and off they went!

No, I'm not a completely negligent mother to let my 2 year old out without a coat, hat, or mittens. I try, really I do! Dang kid throws so many fits, insists his coat is 'scawwy' and runs away when I hold up his mittens. I figure sooner or later natural consequences will teach him that snow is cold and he'll give in. Until then, he was outside for all of 90 seconds.

The girls surprised me though. Last year snow play lasted for 1/2 hour or so, but this year Hazel was out for almost 3 hours, and I had to go bring her in for dinner. Rosiest cheeks ever!! She slept well that night!

There's something about snow days that makes me just want to bake and bake! So here are the gingersnaps we made.

Oh, and I made the yummiest soup the other night. I found a recipe
for potato soup, but oh. my. calories and fat. Ick!! So I made my own version.

Cooked about 5 slices of bacon and crumbled them, set aside. Cook an onion in the bacon drippings, deglaze pan with a couple cups of chicken broth. Peel and chop about 6-8 potatoes, add to pan. Cover and cook until soft. Puree with stick blender. Add milk/half and half/evap milk/ more chicken broth, whatever you want. Add a few squirts of hot sauce--not enough to make it at all spicy, but it just gives it a nice flavor. Add a couple spoonfuls of sour cream.

I served it with the crumbled bacon, sliced green onions, and cheese to sprinkle on the top. So yummy, easy, and perfect for a cold winter day.

The kids are out playing in the snow again (except Calvin, this time he refused to wear his boots, and I draw the natural consequence experience line at shoeless snow play). Gotta go get the hot cocoa ready!

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I totally understand the not wanting to do school when there's snow outside! My 3 all have head colds though, so we're staying indoors.
That soup sounds yummy!


By Blogger Cellista, at 10:14 AM  

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