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Friday, November 16, 2007

Recital night

Tonight was the Family Recital. So completely fabulous!! I have a very musical family, and the ability to perform is highly valued. So my aunt (who, by the way, is my same age--my mom's the oldest of nine and she's the youngest) set up a night at a local music store to give everyone a chance to show their stuff.

My amazing sister played her trombone, my mom did a gorgeous Brahms piece, the kids all did a great job, and my Nana played Grieg's Nocturne. Hazel didn't want to play the piano this time, but I think she was inspired by tonight. Calvin didn't make a peep the whole thing, except to exclaim while Andrea was playing the trombone, "Tumpet, Mommy, Tumpet!!"

Hazel took me over to the instrument section to show me the violin she is wanting. I'm not quite willing to commit to violin lessons quite yet. I want make sure that she really really wants them.

Happy Sigh. I love my family!!


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That sounds wonderful. We aren't musical at all. My sister's kids (5 and 7) both take violin. She highly recommends Suzuki CDs. Hope you are feeling good!

By Blogger Jennifer, at 11:56 AM  

It does sound wonderful. We are trying very hard to become musical this year. My husband and I are both musical but not to a great extent. Hopefully the kids will do better than we have done. If nothing else than they are learning to appreciate fine music.

By Blogger The Lazy Organizer, at 10:27 PM  

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