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Friday, November 30, 2007

An actual post

Oy vey. Why is it that the longer I wait to post, the more insurmountable it becomes? Seriously, it feels so overwhelming to write anything--how can I possibly catch up on everything--so why even bother? Dang perfectionism.

Life is good. Life isn't just good, it's GOOD. Thanksgiving was wonderful and perfect, and things just keep getting better and better. I guess a large part of my rosy outlook stems from the fact that my Steve is done traveling in just one more week. One more week of single-parenthood, then I get him home full-time for 2 beautiful months!!! And if that isn't enough to make anyone giddy, I don't know what is. It's been a long couple of months--lots of being really, really sick and just trying to get through the fog of first trimester yuckiness. Steve has worked so so hard and he desperately needs this break. Good times.

We put our tree up last night. I'm so regretting the purchase of the fake tree a few years back. At the time it seemed like my happiness would only be complete with a pre-lit tree, but I'm missing the real one, the smell, the feel. But at the same time, is there anything more of a pain than trying to haul a tree home from the lot, set it up, saw off the bottom. Hmmmmm. Maybe this one isn't so bad after all!

We're starting to get into a routine with school again. I consider us 'off-track' for the last couple of months. Not so much schooling there. I could barely feed them, let alone teach them anything. PBS did most of that. But now, we're actually doing real math, regular reading and phonics, and lots and lots of read alouds. Hazel has been at the cat,sat,hat level of reading for about a year now. I can't seem to find the hook that will take her beyond that. I haven't known how hard to push, how much to require, how to inspire her. But she's finally finally breaking through, ever so slowly, but she's starting to get it. It's been interesting to realize that she doesn't learn exactly like I do, and that's ok.

Chloe, on the other hand, is reading little Bob books now, flawlessly. I worked with Hazel for so long, I kind of missed the signs of readiness with her. So when she started sounding out words on her own, it took me by surprise. Now she gets her own one-on-one school time and she's absolutely thriving. So fun.

Calvin recognizes about 12 letters and startles me when he identifies new ones correctly. He's learning so much just through osmosis--it's been so fun to watch. He likes a few of the letters far too much, I'm thinking, since he pried his favorite keys off my computer. My Y key is now permanently wonky, but the others recovered.

Anyway, kids are clamoring for breakfast, laundry needs to be transferred, Steve will be at the airport in a few hours, and there is much to do before he comes home! Mrs. D, thanks so much for the encouragement!! I appreciate it completely.

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