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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lunch is served

I was out gardening yesterday. Oceans of tomato suckers still swim before my eyes. I had hundreds of volunteer tomatoes spring up and thought it would be *great* to let lots of them grow. Things that seem like a good idea in May might not be such a good idea a few months later. Yeah, the tomatoes are threatening to take over the whole garden plot, but fortunately the monster zucchini plants are keeping them in check. Aaah, August.

The kids were in and out of the yard and house while I was working. Hazel called me to come inside with that proud, I've-just-done-something-good kind of voice. She set the table, set out the loaf of bread and a knife, made a pitcher of Crystal Light, and announced that lunch was ready. But the cutest? She's picked beans from our bush bean plant (four of them, to be exact), then she put them into a pan of "hot water Mom, to cook them just like you do" and proudly served each of us our one bean for lunch. So sweet!


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