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Monday, April 02, 2007

Just five words

Every now and then, the kindness of strangers makes such a difference.

I had to get my van safety and emissions inspected and registered. I know, I'm a couple days late. Oops!!

So I got a chance to leave around 3 this afternoon. The girls were both so very sleepy--they both fell asleep in the car a few minutes before we got to the place and I had to wake them up to take them inside. So they were all tired and I was unprepared--no snacks or toys anywhere.

You know the feeling of being in an entirely silent waiting room, with only your kids making noise? Everyone else there is a grown up, and they all sit, watching. Talk about pressure! I was so proud of my little people. They played quietly, looking at baby magazines, and the baby sat on the chair and looked at trucks through the window.

I got the sticker and collected the kids. As we were leaving, one of the men who'd been watching us the whole time looked up at me and said, "Great kids. Good work, mom."

That was it. Just five words, but it was they hit me with such power. It was so validating of what I'm trying to do here, every day. Be a good mom, teach my kids right from wrong, and to love each other.

Now I'm not patting myself on the back here, honestly. That trip could have just as quickly been a complete catastrophe, heaven knows I'm in that position an awful lot!! But jsut for that one little moment, it felt so good to have the job that I pray so hard over, recognized. Such kind words that he didn't have to say, that he probably has no idea the kind of effect they had on me. Bless him.


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You are a wonderful mom Becca...with equally wonderful kids. I'm glad a kind stranger could confirm what we all know.

By Blogger Jemily, at 2:55 PM  

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