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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On pacifiers and pirates

During chore time this morning we were livening things up with a slight pirate theme. I was the captain, giving the orders and they were busy swabbing the deck and getting the house ship-shape. There was pirate-y lingo in the air, and things were generally merry.

Here's a little inserted tangent, but I'll pick up the story line in a moment and weave things together into a harmonious resolution.

Since my girls are a bit odd, they have this obsession over pacifiers. Wouldn't take them when they were babies, no. But now that they are 5 and 3, pacifiers are fascinating, coveted objects. They beg for them each time we're in the store, and I always refuse. So yesterday I slipped some into the cart without them looking.

Back to the story line.

My little pirates were behaving wonderfully, so I rewarded them with some piratey bootie. Pacifiers for everyone!!

Chloe joyfully sucked on hers and exclaimed, "Now I'm a baby pirate, Aaaarggh waaa waa waa!!"

Hazel said that now they could "crawl the plank."

I love being a mom.

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