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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Plans for the week

I have spent waaaaay to much time in the last two days reading this gorgeous blog. She moved from California to a 280 acre farm in Missouri where she raises sheep and farms organically. And oh, the recipes!!! I'm swooning over things like Savory tomato pesto pie. Incredible. Go check it out, but only when you have hour upon hour to get lost in the writing and pictures and GARDENS!!!

Can you tell I'm anxious for spring? It hit 50 degrees today, and the soft breeze was so welcome after our weeks of snowstorms. We're going to be doing some serious nature walks this week.

Since both Sarah and Nina are doing the upcoming week's school plans, I thought I'd play along, also.

Math we'll keep working on place value with 10's and units. If she really gets it, we'll start the next MUS lesson and go on to hundreds. We'll do lots of Math Bingo and play some counting games so she can remember the number 15. He gets shafted every single time.

Reading...we'll do more Bob books with each of us alternating reading pages. Happy Phonics games (scrambled sentences, word families) and a nursery rhyme reading game.

For Chloe, upper and lower case matching. Both girls can practice writing in cornmeal and rice. They love that.

Hazel copywork as usual. I give her two sentences a day for her to copy. Chloe has a new workbook that she absolutely delights in.

Read about the water cycle. Evaporation experiment, nature walks observing water melting, stream, etc.

Paint sculpey creations. Art project having something to do with water. I'll have to think on that one.

Continue reading Betsy Tacy, and read piles and piles of library books.

That sounds like plenty!! I'll add to that keeping Calvin from 'discovering' too much, get the kids fed and dressed, maybe do a bit of laundry, and we should be set for the week.

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We've just left summer. Even though it's Autumn I can't wait for Winter! Been too hot here lately. Although we don't get snow in our winter, it rarely gets to single figures in Celsius here.

By Blogger theotherbear, at 2:07 AM  

I love to read about other family's plans. Cornmeal drawing sounds so much better than the salt I am using. I worry that Citcat will eat it. I just wrote cornmeal on my grocery list. Citcat skips a couple of numbers in the teens. I should make a little effort to correct this. I think it is funny that she skips the number 13. When she was little and learning her numbers we lived in a high rise that did not have a 13th floor. We often wonder if this is why she skips it.

I'm wondering when Hazel started handwriting and if Chole is writing at all. Citcat does not want to use a crayon so we are a long way off from hand writing.

I love Betsy Tacy. It is such a good choice for your girls. Good luck keeping the house clean and Calvin occupied.

By Anonymous nina, at 2:23 AM  

I'm anxious for Spring also! Your curriculum looks awesome. What a great Mommy you are! :)

By Blogger Suzanne, at 9:08 AM  

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