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Monday, December 18, 2006

She's got Madison Ave pegged, all right

This afternoon was one where the classic lines were flying out of the kids' mouths. They had me laughing all night.

We went to the mall to see Santa, incidentally the most surly Santa I have ever seen. Not once did the man crack a smile, or offer a jovial ho ho. No, he grunted at the kids and sent them packing. Oh well. They were happy with the candy canes.

I gave them each a penny for the water fountain at the mall. Chloe was a little mystified over the whole 'wishing' concept, so I tried to explain it to her. Finally I said that you say 'I wish for blah blah' then throw in the penny. So what did Chloe do? Obediently she said "I wish for blah blah". Well, I'm pretty sure that one will come true!

In the car on the way home, Hazel tasted the aforementioned candy cane. "Wow, it's like air conditioning for my mouth!"

We were listening to Christmas music on the radio, and the usual bunch of ads came on. Hazel pratically yelled at one commercial, telling the radio that Albertsons WON'T make your holidays easier because you will end up spending too much money on their expensive stuff. Then a jewelry ad came on and she got thoughtful.

"Mom," she said, "jewelry and pretty things won't make you cuter and nicer." I agreed and asked her what she meant. "Well, pretty isn't on the outside, it's when you're nice to people and do service."

Holy cow! Do you mean that some of the things I say are actually sinking in????

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They DO listen! There's your Christmas present early, right? (That's how I feel, anyway, when I hear them talking and realize they are internalizing some of the things we pray they'll *get* before they're on their own.)

Sounds like a delightful day out! I hope she gets all the best blah, blah, blah in the world. That one's going to have me smiling for a week.


By Blogger Dy, at 10:26 PM  

That's two great stories. I love my blah blah. I hope she likes hers, too :) My girls have unfortunately not picked up that beauty is on the inside. Curse you Walt Disney!

By Blogger jlk, at 11:40 AM  

Haha - love the wishing well story. Kids are so literal sometimes, aren't they.

By Blogger theotherbear, at 2:13 PM  

That is just too precious!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 9:39 PM  

I love your kids, Becca. So so funny. I personally love that candy canes are air conditioning for your mouth. I also loved your other blog on Calvin. It made me realize that I need to appreciate all those happy moments with Jane, instead of focusing on how crazy and tiring she is all the time. Thanks for putting things in perspective!

By Blogger Jemily, at 10:17 PM  

Kids say the funniest stuff! I need to be more careful what I say now because my 6-year old repeats everything!

Hopefully there is a better Santa next year! :D

By Blogger Suzanne, at 8:36 AM  

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