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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Steve flew out this morning at the crack of dawn. I can hear the collective gasp right now. "Flew out this morning?" you say, "Isn't this just two days before Thanksgiving?"

Why yes it is. Steve has a sale in Canada tomorrow, and is getting on a flight first thing Thursday morning, which should put him back here at around 2 pm. So, barring any major snowstorms in Buffalo, NY, we should be good to go for family togetherness this Thursday. Hooray! We were thinking for a while that we should all head up north together, and maybe feast on chicken nuggets or a meatball sub. Fortunately the Master of Logistics (or the MOL, as we call him) worked it out. Lovely!

So anyway. Woke up 5:45 with him, as did all the kids. Not just sleepy 'goodbye daddy' waking up, but running through the house and dancing to very loud Christmas music awake. Going back to sleep was not going to happen. "Great!" I thought. We'll get so much accomplished! Umm-hmm.

Breakfast--done by 6:45. On track for massive task busting. Then after I had a nice, hot, long, yummy shower, the bed just looked so dang inviting. The pillows--they had so much softness. And the quilt--it beckoned. So I succumbed, and dozed for a few minutes. Then Calvin climbed into bed with me, snuggled in, sucked his thumb, and fell promptly asleep. Well, I'm not superhuman. There aren't many people who can resist the cozyness of a sleeping toddler snuggled next to you. Who am I to fight it? We snoozed for half an hour, or until the girls got fed up and came and jumped on us!

So much for my super productive morning. But honestly, time spent snuggling my baby boy and breathing in his delicious baby smell is time much better spent than chores, any day!

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I love taking a quick nap after a shower. You are so lucky to have a snuggly toddler. Mine would never dream of curling up beside me.

By Anonymous Nina, at 4:08 PM  

I agree. The house work will always be there, but your baby won't. Good priorities.

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 3:28 PM  

You CAN'T just leave us hanging like this! Did he make it home? Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? :-)

I love snuggly toddler. That should be an entire line of things - blankets, jammies, soaps. If only they could capture the warmth, the heft, the scent... but no, that one's a God Exclusive. It's one of my favorite things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Blogger Dy, at 11:14 PM  

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