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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The fluids are flowing

Montezuma is having his revenge on my sweet baby. Mean old Mexican bug! I guess whatever it was couldn't get to our super-strong parental digestive systems, but Sammy's tender little body didn't stand a chance. I'm kicking myself that I even fed him anything there--I should have just brought Gerber from here. But I don't feed him baby food at home, so it didn't even occur to feed him baby food there. It's not like I was getting him a drink of water from roadside cantinas; he just ate bites of whatever we ate, and it got him.

So I've changed the sheets a LOT of times since we've been home. Just when I think we're through with the worst of it, he'll surprise me and let loose again. I've never had Clean Sheet Day so many times in a row!! That's going to be my silver lining. Perpetual clean sheet feeing.

After cleaning up from yet another round, I kept smelling it somewhere. Kept checking the baby--he was fine. Looked over at my sleeping Calvin, and noticed that he was sound asleep all crusted in horribleness. Now HE didn't go to Mexico, but my darling sister DID take them to the mothership for all nasty foul gross germs....Chuck...E....Cheese.....

You think it's all fun and games and tokens. Then WHAMMO!! You're wishing you'd never heard of the cheerful rat with all his latent diseases.

More laundry is going, baths have been administered, bowls distributed, and essential oils applied liberally--even to the sleeping girls as a preventative measure. I'm going to go to sleep now, because who knows what adventures this night holds for me?

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OH..YIKES...I'm so sorry, Becca - for both you and your littles. Nasty mean little creatures those tummy bugs. I hope it all passes quickly ( pun intended..i'm such a dope!) Can I do anything? Buy you more laundry detergent? Sending lots of loves

By Blogger Emily, at 12:46 AM  

Well at least once things settle you will have a very clean house. :)

By Blogger Karies place, at 4:13 AM  

I am so sorry! I need to come do some laundry for you cause it is all my fault. Thank you for not shouting at me

By Blogger Newt, at 1:18 AM  

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