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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A pledge

I am propping my eyeballs open to write a few things because there is a blog here at this URL, and I am the blogs owner, therefore, I should probably, sometimes, actually, well...BLOG!!

So things happened. Things like Christmas (Nutcracker, Christmas dresses, sledding, homemade marshmallows, knitted and crafted gifts galore, traveling, snowstorms), and things like New Years (games until 4 am, kids waking up at 5:30, beautiful food, fabulous times). And also some very big and important Things with a capital T--things like buying a new house and all the accompanying decisions and worries.

Other things happened to keep my from fulfilling my bloggy duties, but those are merely excuses--the diehard blogger will undoubtedly find a way. Not even beloved laptops that go plunging off beds to impale themselves on their own power cords would stop a true intrepid blogger. But it did stop me, alas. To my great shame, the computers downstairs are too far, or it's too cold (can you hear the whine??). But now there's a darling little teeny tiny itsy bitty baby laptop--truly it's small enough to slip in my purse, and I am repenting for my cyber neglect. January is the perfect time for a fresh start.

In a very oversimplified nutshell, things are good, kids are cute, they continue to get bigger (oh, both the bigness and the cuteness of the baby are overwhelming!) and we continue to be overwhelmingly happy. There will be more to come here at Together we Learn house. This I solemnly pledge!!

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You make me happy. The end.

By Blogger Andrea, at 10:11 PM  

Glad to see your back in the blogging world. We've missed reading about your darling family.

By Blogger Flattail Family, at 12:32 AM  

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