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Friday, January 09, 2009

Love from the south

I'm writing this from a balcony overlooking a brilliant blue pool ringed with palm trees. The gentle murmur of the ocean is in the background. Alas, my camera batteries are charging on the counter at home!! I think Steve brought his camera, so I'll have to use it. We're on our semi-annual retreat to a Beautiful Place. Since we both crave warmth in the middle of January, we're back in Puerto Vallarta again.

This time, it's not so much of a romantical getaway, seeing as we have a wriggly, dribbly 7 month old distraction tagging along. But as traveling companions go, you couldn't ask for a better. This baby is so serene and sunshiny, he'd take living upside down in stride. He gurgles and coos at everyone who smiles at him, he sleeps when given the chance, and eats whatever we have on our plates. As a nod to our tropical location, I am feeding him mango and papaya right now. He is one blissed-out baby.

There is something so restorative about spending time together--just Steve (and Sammy) and me. When we leave our regular routine for a few days, problems that were seeming so challenging are suddenly doable. I've realized that as long as our marriage is strong, it really doesn't matter what else is happening--with our combined strength we can handle it. We see each other as the person that we fell in love with--not just the one who's in the trenches fighting the daily battles. When I take a few days away, I have more appreciation for my kids, more patience, and I am a better mom.

I'm sure we don't actually need the beach and palm trees to goal plan and reconnect...but they sure don't hurt!! Since Steve travels so much, the plane tickets here cost us exactly $11 apiece. So really, why not Mexico??

We went to a little restaurant last night for some dinner. There was a table next to us with a grandma, mom and daughter here for a month long vacation. They were having a grand time with all their margaritas and kahluas, and got very drunk before too long. I couldn't help think how fun it looked--they were all dancing and laughing riotously, and Steve and I just watched with our very non-alcoholic Coca lights. I wondered if we would have so much more fun drunk, but then I decided that I don't really want to have a clubbing/bar-hopping/hook up with guys relationship with my mom, daughters, or grandma. We're okay just the teetotalling way we are!

We're going to get massages today--we'll trade off watching the baby. They have a FOUR HAND massage here!!! I mean seriously--four hands? Tomorrow, we'd like to go whale/dolphin watching. We have a pool to sit by, an ocean to walk along, and jalapeno popcorn to eat. Bliss!

My darling sister Steph has my undying thanks for watching my sweet babies at home. Thank you!!! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures later.

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Verrrrry nice! I know what you mean about needing to get away from it all sometimes to see each other the way you used to.

BTW, are you still homeschooling? Just curious.

By Blogger Hannah, at 3:36 PM  

I am so happy for you guys! Circumstances have never permitted us to have a couples getaway since our honeymoon, and your post reminded me that maybe i should plan an overnighter for our anniversay this year. 13 years of never having a night alone? i think it's time LOL. soounds like you guys had a grand time, minus sammy's leaky bum afterwards.

By Blogger Amy Jones, at 10:45 AM  

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