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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dreams of crustaceans

This morning Hazel came to me with the problem that every homeschooling mom hates to hear. "Mom, I just want to go to real school." Emphatically.

So I started to get to the root of the problem. What exactly was she looking for that she wasn't getting at home?

"Well, at school they get to choose their own lunches, like pizza...or shrimp salad."

Hmmmmm. Shrimp salad?? Not at any elementary cafeteria I've ever seen! Come to think of it, this kid of mine has never even tasted shrimp salad! Their brains are really odd sometimes.

But seriously, we had a great conversation about what things she'd like to do more of (cooking and hiking) and how we can make homeschool more fulfilling for her. Things have been pretty haphazard around here for the last little while. Poor kids are still kind of fending for themselves most of the time.

Whenever my beloved mother feeds us (often) my kids get so excited to see real vegetables on the table. Calvin just claps for the broccoli. Talk about guilt!!

I told the kids that when I throw up it means that the baby is healthy and strong, so now they watch expectantly for the tell-tale look, then cheer heartily for me. Great.

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