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Monday, September 03, 2007

Food, glorious summer food

Must blog!! I'm so tired and desperately need to go to bed, but the blog topics are piling up in my brain. So I'll start tonight with some of the amazing summer food we've been enjoying lately. Some other time I'll get to the rest of life that needs to be blogged.

First, and definitely most important:this truly amazing tomato pesto pie. The only change I made to this perfect recipe was to add a layer of Italian sausage. Oh. My. Merciful. Heavens!!! It was so superlatively good!

Calvin ate the pie, but mostly he enjoyed the sliced kohlrabi we had with it. He carefully selected each slice, took one bite, and lined them up neatly. Toddlers are odd little creatures!

This is some of the bounty from my garden the other day. Notice the pile of pattypan squash? I planted them because they are so dang cute, and you really can't say that about many vegetables. Not only are they darling, but they taste fabulous. But nine of them?? That's too much of a good thing, and I was running out of ways to sneak it into things. Not a problem any more!! Look at what I turned it into...

Zucchini cobbler! It turned out absolutely amazing. I used half the butter it called for, didn't put in nutmeg, did half oats and half flour, and used brown instead of white sugar. I served it to 10 guests, and it was a big old hit. They were shocked when Hazel delightedly made the announcement that it was zucchini, not apples.

So there you go. My two most successful attempts of the last few days to use the bounty that the Lord has blessed us with!

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Wow! These recipes looks absolutely fantastic, and so inspiring. I will have to raid our farmer's market, as we can't seem to figure out how to protect our garden from all the birds/squirrels/backyard chickens/whatever that keep invading!

- Hannah (another hs mom who found your blog from Melissa Wiley's and now read it regularly. :-))

By Blogger Hannah, at 11:35 AM  

Oh. MUST try that cobbler. YUM!

But... but... where's the recipe for the FIRST picture? *whine* Pretty please?


By Blogger Dy, at 11:49 PM  

Nevermind. Found the link. It's late. Time for bed. :-)


By Blogger Dy, at 11:50 PM  

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