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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good UPS day, and good blog day

This is a really really happy blog day. Look--I'm famous!! I kinda feel like a pathetic ninth grade geek who's just been invited to a party with the senior cheerleaders. It's like that, but in a homeschool-mommy-blogger way, not a ps way. Bad analogy, but there you have it! My stats went through the roof today, and I smiled for a lot of hours.

My husband doesn't quite understand--he still maintains that the majority of the people I call my friends online are surely nasty old men in wifebeaters who are just posing as homeschool mamas and posting curriculum and fieldtrip ideas and such. I say there are much easier ways to be predatory online than get into the hs mommy blog circuit!

We had our 'Not Back to School' party the other day with our co-op. So much fun!! Sarah posted a cute picture from the party over here. I should caption this photo "Patience." Look at the longing on their little faces...but they didn't touch the cupcakes until we gave the word. Good kids!

Today the Rainbow Resource box arrived!! Plus a Montessori box and an Amazon box!!! The UPS guy is one of my favorite people this time of year. Finally finally I can get everything feeling settled in. All three kids played delightedly with the new Wikki stix (neon colored, no less) while I planned and sorted and arranged all the new fun things. We'll start with our Handwriting without Tears and Story of the World on Monday. But since the reading thing is finally clicking with Hazel, we're not changing a thing there.

I actually had a great conversation with her yesterday about goal setting. We were talking about the possibility of a Liberty Girls club for her in January, but that she should probably know how to read a little before she can go. I explained the concept of small, daily choices that lead to a bigger goal, and she was the one to make the connection to how she needs to practice reading everyday. And she has done so, cheerfully and on her own. I really am not trying to push her, honestly. But I know that she is ready, able, and is lacking everything but a deep down desire. I'm trying to live by the principle of 'inspire, not require.' Very hard to do sometimes!


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Famous indeed. How cool. We live in the country an hour from anything but a grocery store and a couple odds and end places in town. I consider the UPS driver and the mailman person friends. Glad your resources finally arrived. You're lucky the kids played nicely while you planned and sorted.

It is so great to read that Hazel's reading is clicking. It sounds like you had an very inspiring conversation.

By Anonymous nina, at 2:48 PM  

Woah girl! YOu're hobnobbing with the big people! LOL
Tinsk reading is taking off a little too and im afriad to change anything even though I badly want her in Abeka.

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 8:41 AM  

LOL @ the wife-beaters. Yes, definitely got to be an easier way than wading through alllllll those curriculum posts if you're not really a homeschooling curriculum junkie like the rest of us. ;-)

We *heart* HWT, too. *happy sigh*

Congrats on the celebrity. That's always nice to get a nod from the peeps. Er, why does that always sound so odd coming from me? Ah. Well, anyway, congrats.

I'm so glad this was such a good day for you. They feel SO good, it's like chocolate without calories.


By Blogger Dy, at 9:20 PM  

Your husband sounds like mine :) though I too get a little paranoid at times when my stats go way up. People are actually reading what I write?!
Glad all your boxes came. I love getting boxes of books.

By Anonymous cellista, at 2:54 PM  

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