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Friday, August 24, 2007

Education Week

I've been absent from blogging this week for a very good reason. I promise. I've been going to Education Week at BYU. It's a week of classes on every subject from folk dancing to Paul's epistles to marriage and parenting and overcoming pornography. Classes on making our homes joyful places, building spiritual understanding, women in the New Testament, and teaching children with music. Over 1000 classes.

So my darling Steve and I spent the week going to these amazing classes together. His family goes every year. We eat together in the dorm cafeteria, discuss what we're learning, and connect in such a meaningful way. Since no children under 14 are allowed, we found a babysitter and made the most of the week.

Steve drives a motorcycle, so we took that down and drove all around campus--it made getting to classes so much more fun!

The classes we took ended up having quite a theme, even though that wasn't our intention at all. Service. Love. Sacrifice. I went to a class taught by a woman who works with AIDS orphans in Zambia. Her class was on Being Enough, Knowing Enough, Doing Enough--incredible. It's amazing what one person can do if they are led by the Spirit. Some incredible stories and pictures.

Then I went to one class on service taught by a woman who works with lepers in India. Seriously. They extend microcredit loans to these people with stumps for arms and missing eyes, then they are finally able to start earning money rather than begging and it gives them a tremendous sense of dignity. They treat the babies early--it costs $1.50, and they are cured for life. They can go to school and start to break the horrible cycle of raising the next generation of beggars. Incredible.

It's so easy to get caught up in my own life, my own concerns, my own business. It's so easy to forget just how blessed I really am, living here in my cozy suburban home. My babies have never known hunger. I've never lacked for medical care. There is so much need in the world, and I just want to help. So Steve and I are going to set some goals in the next few weeks to decide just where and how we are going to make a difference.


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Please share all your thoughts on this as they come to you. I was thinking this same thing last night. Our lives (thank you God) are so very easy.

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