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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Games, peaches and chickens

The decision to scrap the whole phonics curriculum was definitely the correct one for now. We play one or two word games, do a little journal writing, and maybe read a story together alternating pages, as in I read one and Hazel reads one. Seems to be less intimidating for her that way.

Yesterday's reading game was a huge hit. Instead of having objects and corresponding word slips, I made verb word slips. Run, jump, sit, sleep, eat, swim, skip, hop were the words. The girls had to draw a slip and then do (or pantomime) whatever it said. HUGE hit around here. Even Calvin delighted in drawing the papers and then hamming it up for his sisters.

Today I played a game with just Hazel during Chloe and Calvin's naps. I put vowel tiles in one pile, then made a pile with consonants (s,c,t,r,b,p,d,n,m,h). We took turns drawing 2 consonants and 1 vowel, then had to make a word with them. Amazingly, almost every time we were able to do it. We did amend the rules so we could add one supplemental letter if we needed it. Hazel ate this game up and we had a great time with it.

I have a friend who's father recently passed away. He was an avid gardener, and has a huuuuuuge garden and orchard. Her poor mother can't keep up on all of it, so they invited us over today to pick peaches and apples and raspberries and squash. They had 30 fruit trees! In the middle of a suburban neighborhood, no less. I got 2 big boxes of peaches and one of apples, then I picked a couple bowls of raspberries for the mother. I gave Hazel a sun-warmed, freshly picked, beautiful peach. She took one bite, and her eyes grew wide with delight. Pure joy, right there, with juice dripping down the chin.

There were about 18 chickens milling about. My girls got to actually collect fresh brown eggs from the laying boxes, and weren't they absolutely thrilled???!!

Funny aside about chickens--I was saying bedtime prayers with Calvin. You know how when they're just starting to talk they just parrot back the last word you've said? Well in the prayer I said, "We're thankful for the chickens," and he thought for a moment. He couldn't quite wrap his mouth around the word 'chicken', so he circomlocuted with " 'ank you bock bock bocks." I think God both understands and smiles!

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Oh what a darling prayer! That is just adorable! I just want to hug the little boy!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 10:26 PM  

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