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Monday, April 16, 2007

A perfect storm

Chloe can throw a tantrum with the best of them. When she throws them, she does it thoroughly. So when she was in the middle of a full-blown doozy at the store, I couldn't help but laugh at her verbalization.

"I AM SULKING!!!!!!!!!"

Oh yes, she was.

She screamed and shrieked and carried on (and honestly I can't remember the trigger--just tiredness). Finally once we were in the car, after more drama drama drama, I reached back and held her hand. INSTANTLY she was quiet. Just like that, the roaring stopped and she was peaceful.

In a chipper little voice she informed me that the reason she was crying was because she needed to hold my hand.

Why oh why can't I learn that a few gentle touches will quiet these storms much quicker than yelling and frustration? It happens every time, that her little sensitive self just needs some grown up intervention with love to help her control herself. I keep telling myself that next time I'll remember to react with love and patience first, rather than ultimatums and consequences. Dang it!! This motherhood thing will whip me into shape, one way or another.


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I read something in Home Education magazine a while back that I can't place but her said that parenting is the last domain of the amateur. I love that we are able to learn as we parent. You are so lucky that your hand will calm a tantrum. Citcat's go on for quite a bit and no amount of affection or attention will stop it.

By Anonymous nina, at 11:01 AM  

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