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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Moving sounds so benign in theory. Switch houses! Throw some boxes on a truck and, voila! Well, it's not so simple, is it?? If not for the grace of many many wonderful family members, this whole thing would just never have happened.

Moving day was yesterday--Valentines. We probably should have planned that one a little better, but sometimes you've just gotta run with what life hands you. The snowstorm that hit right before the trucks got there almost fazed us, but that's why they invented ice melt, right? There were around 16 wonderful fabulous amazing people who came to help us. Family, friends, and even some of the people from our new neighborhood who we met for the first time as they were hauling our piano through the snow. People are amazing.

Casualties of the move include: one glass lampshade, and one bucket of meat from the freezer that was left behind at the old house. Fortunately I discovered that one today, not a week from now!!! But I think it all evens out. We're down some frozen chicken breasts, but we did end up gaining a large pair of men's boots, size 11, in a Target bag. Does anyone want to claim them???

Even with the sheer amount of stuff we had to move (food storage, anyone??) the whole process was overwhelmingly smooth. Today, the kids played making forts among the boxes, since all of their stuff is still packed.

I'll post some pictures someday. Right now I'm just grateful beyond belief for the family that I have.

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