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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The essentials

I learned the absolute essentials for a birthday party today. Calvin turned 3, my sweet little guy, and I was trying to plan his party with him. I asked him what he wanted to do. Answer? Presents and cake.

Trying to flesh out the plan, I probed more. "Do you want a pinata?"



"Too scawwy."

"Sprinklers? Swimming? Games???"

"NO! Mom, pwesents and cake. JUST DOSE TWO!!!"

Really, those are the absolute essentials. Everything else is just a time filler to get you to the important part. He, at the tender age of three, apparently can sort out the extraneous from the necessary. Can't fault him for that!

So I obliged with the bare minimum party. Fortunately for Calvin, he is related to the wonderful and extremely talented Andrea, who made him this completely darling car cake.

I'm sure everyone wishes they had an Andrea to make every kids birthday perfection. Remember Chloe's party? Yeah, Andrea's amazing.

Here's my sweet Calvin boy. He is sunshiny, quirky, crazy, and all boy. He is so fun to have around, and those big brown eyes of his get me every time. I love this kid!!

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Oh, what a beautiful little guy he is! Three is such a fun age, isn't it? Happy birthday to Calvin! (And I'm w/ him - "dose two" will do the trick every time.)

By Blogger Dy, at 9:21 AM  

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