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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't read this. Really.

Ok, Dy, I'm feeling the guilt!!!

I'm just feeling so very very...blah. So pregnant. So absolutely not feeling like opening my mouth, because whenever I do, I just complain! And really, who wants to be around that??

I'm grumpy, tired, and so completely unmotivated. School??? Well, Hazel did a page of math today, and that is the first anything we've done all week. My sweet kids are so patient with me--Chloe prayed the other night, "please, Heavenly Father, help Mommy to not have any pain with our little baby."

They color, play dolls, dig in the garden, and we read stories. We are getting scripture reading in consistently, but that's about the only structure that's left. I just can't seem to do anything!!

Since we're all friends here, I'm going to whine. I'm going to let you all in on the aches and pains and bliss of week 36. So I have this lovely pubic bone/pelvis pain with each of my pregnancies. I'm not sure the percentage of women who get it, but if you've had it, you know!! Rolling over in bed, putting on pants, walking...all not so fun. Then I've developed this rib pain, but not the normal one in the front--this one radiates around my side to the back. I'm seriously doubting my ability to manage through the next couple of weeks. My chiropractor is wonderful, but my body seems to be falling apart faster than she can put it together.

Oh, yes, there is more!! I've started throwing up again and feeling nauseous half the time. I did this months ago! No fair to have to do it again. Other than this, physically I'm doing great. But the whole no husband thing is really really getting to me. He's done traveling in 2 weeks, and really we're at the end of the worst trips, so there's just another couple of days. But I'm so tired of being alone. So tired of not being able to go anywhere alone, of being the one responsible for it all. But he works so completely hard, and I can't whine to him (I do anyway, but I really try not to) but I'm so ready to be done!!

This is why I don't post!! Isn't silence better than the ranting and ceaseless complaining? Sorry, dear friends. I'll try to come up with something even remotely interesting, and I'll stop the pity party!!


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Hugs Becca! I'm sorry you are feeling rotten.

By Blogger Kelly Family, at 6:54 AM  

Haven't commented in a while but ...
Let's see. You are reading aloud to your children -- that's huge. They are happily engaged in productive activities, at least most of the time. They are getting the gift of a childhood. You are providing food for them, one assumes a little more than opening a bag of Doritos. :-) You are doing your very best under very, very trying circumstances and they are learning a LOT just from your example (about endurance, about perseverance, about sacrifice and the importance of family). All things that more useful to them, especially at such a young age, than math or copywork. How blessed they are! How blessed your husband is to have a wife who's willing to put up with such constraints (I couldn't)!
I wish you could have attended the seminar I did last weekend on Relaxed Homeschooling, with Mary Hood (I blogged about it). You would have been absolved of your guilt! :-)

Oh, and I had that exact same kind of pain too!

By Blogger Hannah, at 1:31 PM  

Well, I'll happily listen. I so remember that pain - it would take me a full five minutes to lay down in bed b/c it was so, incredibly painful. And having to roll over enough to be able to use my arms to hoist myself up to hit the bathroom? *ugh* You can whine ALL. YOU. WANT. And when it's over, it will all have been worth it. But that's a few weeks from now. Right now, it's no fun, and we do understand. {{{hugs}}

Enjoy the littles and their digging, their stories, their sweet prayers. That's a bit part of this time in life. Perhaps a part we glaze over on a little too often? I don't know. But savor it. Wallow in it. Or, just find a comfortable position and hang tight where you can see them and smile!


By Blogger Dy, at 11:03 PM  

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