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Thursday, May 17, 2007

More fish, more flowers

More fish, very literally. The little female fish finally succumbed to the combined stresses of having her fins nibbled off by the bully male, a heavy dose of shredded wheat, and the shock of new water. The result? We had a little fishy ceremony by the toilet.

Now, betas are territorial. Male/male = bad combination. But they said a male and female would be ok together. He did nibble Sarah's fins off; she couldn't swim down very well, but he did leave her alone after a while. Steve is convinced that John the Beta now feels remorseful for nibbling, has repented, and is in need of a new companion. So, welcome beta female #2 to our family.

And yeah, he totally is at it again. No repentance for this fish!

But for all the people against Beta cruelty and such, not to worry. We won't be getting a new one if this doesn't work, so no need to contact PETA.

Steve brought home ANOTHER fish--this one for our bathroom. oy vey. We are now a 3 fish/2 bowl family. For people as violently anti-pet as we are, this is a big change. Calvin, on seeing a fish in the BATHROOM, of all places, about went ballistic this morning. You could tell it just completely rocked his little world to see a fish next to the toothbrushes. Happy baby.

And for the flower part. I finally got the garden mostly in. Yesterday I planted lots and lots of tomatoes in the very cool cages that I built. I'll have to add a photo of them. Bush beans, swiss chard, white scallop summer squash, pole beans, carrots, beets, a bed of lettuce, lemon balm, fennel, lemon verbena, and red peppers all made it in. Now if they'll survive the rampaging of Calvin, who looks upon the garden as his personal sandbox, we'll be loving life in a few months!

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Sorry little fishy!

I didn't know Beta's could share a bowl. Hopefully your new fish will be tough and stand up to that mean fish John. ;)

Hurray for your garden. We are hoping this weekend to get ours ready for planting. Yipee!

By Blogger Amanda, at 7:55 AM  

I had heard that about Betas... and now you're in trouble. I have PETA on speed dial.

That's awesome about your garden. I look forward to house living so I can have a garden someday. :)

By Anonymous Millie, at 8:16 AM  

I like the idea of a fish in the bathroom. It just seems an appropriate spot for them. Well, there's water in that room, for one thing.

I didn't know you could put even a male & female beta together. Although I wonder how they ever survived as a species if that was the case.

By Blogger theotherbear, at 4:09 PM  

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