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Friday, January 12, 2007

Living La Buena Vida (the good life)

Aaaaahhhh. Can you feel the relaxation seeping from my fingers?? The earliest that I've woken up this week is 9:30. The EARLIEST!!! I haven't slept this much in a long long time. But hands down the best part has been the uninterrupted time with my darling.

The second day we were here, it rained for about an hour. It came down pretty hard, but we were just shopping so it didn't bother us. When we came out of the market--holy cow!!! The streets were rushing torrents of dirty water. It was probably 5 inches deep, sloshing over the curbs, and fast! We had to cross a couple of streets and got wet to our knees, but then driving the car through the water--oy vey! We could feel the water lapping against the bottom of the car. It was crazy! I guess when you're at sea level, there just aren't many places for torrential rain to go.

We sat on the beach and at the pool yesterday for hours. Since I didn't want to burn, I slathered my face and shoulders with sunscreen. But since I'm not very smart, I stopped at the shoulders. Because, a tan on the arms is a good thing, no? Here is evidence of just how not smart I am.

Can you see the white finger smears amid the red??? Doh! Oh well, thanks to lots and lots of aloe vera, it doesn't hurt at all.

One more Cancun story, then we'll return to the normal programming of kids and homeschool and life. We're coming home tonight, and I'm glad--I miss those babies!

So we packed a large box of...'protection' for the trip. We, um, needed one of them...and they weren't there!!! The entire box of condoms disappeared! Can you just picture the disapproving maid confiscating them? Too funny!!

We're leaving this 85 degree bliss and will be coming home to 7 degrees and snow. Ouch! I'd love to come back here with the kids next year. The kid would absolutely love the beach and the ocean creatures. I think we'll try one of those all inclusives when we come back with them. This has been such a fabulous trip!!!

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That beach looks spectacular, you lucky thing. And that sunburn looks nasty! Aloe vera's the best thing for it - I have a big plant in my yard for just these sorts of occaisions.

By Blogger theotherbear, at 3:18 PM  

oh, the beach pictures are just beautiful! I could so imagine myself there. Thanks for sharing, I hope the sunburn heals quickly.

By Blogger Jennifer, at 4:59 PM  

Wow-- some time away from my boys sounds really good now. Hope you had a marvelous time!

By Anonymous Anne Glamore, at 5:31 PM  

That sounds so wonderful. I'm so happy you had a little time away with your husband. How refreshing after the crazy holidays. I hope to see more photos when you return!

By Anonymous Jennifer, at 5:12 AM  

Oh my goodness!! ROFLOL @ the missing box. Well, *ahem*. So much for planning ahead, eh?

I'm glad you're having a fantastic trip. I cannot believe you blogged from Cancun - how awesome! And I've been too swamped to come enjoy it vicariously! Wahhhh. Have a safe and wonderful trip home, and kiss those babies to pieces when you get there!


By Blogger Dy, at 3:33 PM  

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