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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dinner tonight was beets, potatoes and onions roasted with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. We had a tomato cucumber salad with vinaigrette and a plate of red peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes without dressing. All veggies. Every single bit.

The beets and potatoes were from my garden. I've come to a truce with the garden this year. It won. Or rather, the weeds did. But that's another story. The point here is that it DID produce something, and we ate it. Enough beets and golf ball size potatoes for a meal.

The cucumbers and tomatoes came from the farmer's market. Only the red pepper and onion weren't local.

I was a bit nervous to serve an all veggie dinner to the kids, but figured they could always eat bread with peanut butter, if they needed to. The rule of the house is that you take one bite, even if you think you hate it. So each one of my kids tried the beets, and each one liked them. Calvin even had thirds. They were Chiogga beets, with the beautiful candy cane stripes, so that helped immensely. They ate every morsel on their plates and were all happy and content.

Good mothering moment, that.

Of course, a veggie dinner does leave you a bit hungry 4 hours later, especially after seeing Julie and Julia. That movie is full of fabulous, glorious food. Late night ice cream with the best hot fudge sauce in history was the perfect solution. Oh, and if you make the hot fudge? Please buy Valrhona or Scharfennberger or something equally wonderful. You'll be so so grateful you did.

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