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Monday, August 03, 2009

The bard and the babies

I'm currently somewhere in the middle of rural Utah--maybe around Panguitch. Definitely past Beaver, though. Isn't an imbedded wireless an absolutely beautiful invention? We've spent the weekend in Cedar City going to the Shakespeare Festival.

This was a really great weekend, everyone.

First of all, wonderful siblings Drea and Tyler and Jev and Em came along. Only Stephanie was missing, and missed she was indeed!! But let me tell you that when the lot of us hang out, there is riotous laughter, and lots and lots of small noisy people following.

We stayed with my dear grandparents. The relationship there hasn't been as close as it could have been, so this was a great step in bridging the gap. They were extremely hospitable to our twelve person group, and we had a wonderful time with them.

We call my grandma 'Maman' (pronounce it French). She's reading with Chloe here--a little book half in French and half in English. This picture here is worth the trip to me. It's a lucky thing to be able to have a relationship with your great-grandmother.

The six of us went to see As You Like It, which was absolutely so much fun. We were in the outdoor theater, perfect weather, great company, and how can you go wrong with a little Shakespeare?

During intermission, Tyler went out to procure refreshments for the group--tarts. 7 of them. Every good Shakespeare play needs a tart seller, don't you think? So he bought lots, passed them to Jevan who stood on a bench and made the handoff to Andrea in the theater. A daring move to satisfy our collective sweet teeth.

Tonight I took my sweet girls to see The Comedy of Errors. I wasn't too sure about how they'd do with the Iambic pentameter, but they were great. The acting was so broad and slapstick, you could follow the plot and just let the language wash over you. They were enthralled, and it was a perfect night out with my ladies.

A few more hours of driving and we'll be back in our own beds. Vacations are delightful, but so is coming home!

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I'm glad your girls liked Comedy of Errors. We're headed down there in a few weeks. I'm excited!

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