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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My kingdom for 17 cents

I'm not sure if I'm updating this because I have anything to say, or just to shock Stephanie. Actually, I'm sure there's nothing to say, but I'll give it a go, anyhow.

The girls are gone for a sleepover with their cousins, so I had the rare treat of an evening with just the little boys. After the red-letter event of Wii party with dad, we decided to go to Ikea for meatballs and noodles. Always a hit. Actually, Sammy has entered that random phase of toddlerhood where they will go for days and not consume any food at all. I think they live off crumbs on the floor and sippy cups of milk. So Sammy threw meatballs on the floor and squeezed his juice box all over himself, and Calvin and I feasted on Ikea goodness.

I bought storage containers of all shapes and sizes. I just know this is the missing ticket to perfect home organization for ever and evermore. Calvin happily brandished the scanner gun and beeped me through the self checkout. Everything was peachy until I realized my wallet was at home on the counter. Oops.

Fortunately, I had some leftover vacation money in my bag (I never have realio cash on me, so this was a bonus). I sheepishly returned the prettiest and most expensive box, and that brought me tantalizingly close to the total I had in my purse. 17 cents short. I dumped my purse out, praying a spare quarter would jump out at me. It was at that slightly humiliating moment that a girl in the checkstand next to me quietly gave me a dollar. Aren't people sweet?

So I'm home, my boys are tucked in and dreaming, and my brown sugar and lentils have never looked so tidy.

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i look for people like you at the store to share my change with...I've been that lady plenty of times. Now YOU'RE that lady, too!

By Blogger Amy Jones, at 9:44 PM  

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