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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The promised land

I think I've moved to Zion. Or maybe the promised land. Something fabulous and almost unbelievable. This is a neighborhood where people actually care and are kind. Listen to the evidence:

We had 5 people drive from this neighborhood to our old house on moving day, load up the vans there, then drive back to new house to unload. In a snowstorm.

Our massive driveway has been shoveled twice, both times anonymously.

The other day, a man was out joyfully aerating the lawns of everyone in the circle. Just to be nice.

There are scores of children who play together in the same kind of way we played 25 years ago in neighborhoods. It's a night game neighborhood.

My neighbor across the street called me today just to see how I was doing.

An awkward boy of about 15 showed up on the doorstep--think a pudgy Napoleon Dynamite. He wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood and see if we needed anything.

Last week my kids and I were invited over for lunch with another 5 moms and kids.

Incredible, no? These things just didn't happen in my last house. It was a nice area, very standard suburbia. The new neighborhood is much more eclectic, and it feels very rural, despite the fact that it's 3 minutes from the freeway.

All I can say is--it feels like coming home!

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one word for you. Envy. I'm moving by you....

By Blogger Emily, at 9:02 PM  

Wow! We want to move by you too!

By Blogger Flattail Family, at 8:27 PM  

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